Oreo Drip Cake I finally made a drip cake and I think I am obsess

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Oreo Drip Cake I finally made a drip cake and I think I am obsess
Oreo Drip Cake I finally made a drip cake and I think I am obsessed with the design! I've seen a lot of drip cakes online and I have always admired how modern and irresistible they look. The contrast between the dark chocolate ganache drip and the white buttercream is I am a fan of at . Her stunning cakes and cupcakes are really inspiring. A lot of her cakes incorporate the drip design and I especially love the appearance of her . So, I decided to make an Oreo cake and put my own interpretation on the cake. Whenever I bake, I like to make as much as possible from scratch, whether it is puff pastry or jam. So I made my own homemade Oreos for this cake. I left the Oreos to harden, then I crushed in a food processor and mixed them in with the buttercream. (A quick note, I did the crumb coat using buttercream without the crushed Oreos added as I could achieve a smoother surface). The cake itself is chocolate, and is filled with buttercream and homemade strawberry jam. Nothing beats homemade jam, trust me. I always like a layer of jam in a cake to cut through the sweet buttercream and to bring extra flavour. I made a chocolate ganache of equal quantities dark chocolate and double cream. I melted them together in the microwave. The ganache needs to be the right temperature to drip down the cake and then stop. It can't be too cold or the drip will end in a big blob. Too hot and you'll have a puddle of ganache at the bottom which sounds delicious but isn't what you really want. I tested the temperature by dripping the ganache down the side of a bowl. If the ganache is too cold, heat in the microwave on five second intervals. I transferred the ganache to a piping bag, snipped the end and began dripping. (The cake was on a turntable which made the process a lot easier). The cake is topped with homemade truffles. The small truffles around the edge are made from cake offcuts combined with buttercream. The dark one in the centre of the cake is cake crumbs combined with orange ganache. The white chocolate truffle is cake crumb with strawberry jam and ground pistachio. Wow that was a long description!

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